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'New Mexico pedestrian deaths spike to 82 '

‘For a better comparison, the state with a population closest to New Mexico, Nebraska, had 11 deaths in 2016, a fraction of what our state experienced.’

A new record! We’re #1! We’re #1!

This article is a bit old but I think Florida, and my specific part of Florida, has NM beat.

And we have a TON of bicycle and motorcycle deaths to go along with the pedestrians.

NM isn’t even the most in the Southwest. AZ has 1.61 pedestrian deaths per 100,000 people (224 total in 2017). That is the highest per capita pedestrian death rate in the US.

Copied from Forbes, 2016, most recent statistics.


Yesterday’s tomatoes. My post shows 2017 statistics.

Warmer climate means more pedestrians on the road with cellphones?

Albuquerque AND New Mexico? Well, that settles it. The 65 mph speed limit on that highway that goes from Clovis to Ft Sumner needs to be even lower!!! And while were at it, add even more “safety corridors” to Interstate 40.

Or is it because Bugs Bunny always make a wrong turn at Albuquerque?

What are pedestrians doing on those highways?

I don’t know, not much to see except fallen boulders, empty Acme shipping boxes, and coyote shaped holes in the ground.


C’mon, what about the UFOs?

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Somebody drew a mural of that in the neighborhood. Unfortunately I can’t find a picture on the 'net. Warner Brothers eventually published a comic book of Bugs in town.

Sometimes they’re crazy, sometimes they’re trying to help. Both of these articles address pedestrian misbehavior.

There are no pedestrians or much else along those highways. You can drive for an hour without having to turn the steering wheel or meeting another car. It’s an extension of west Texas but with lower speed limits.