New Master Switch Installed Now my Car Stalls



I brought in my car yesterday to get a new master switch put in the drivers side car door. I had lost power to my car door recently and is the reason I brought it in. Less then three miles from the dealer my car dies, power steering goes out and check engine light comes on. So I put it in park and it starts right back up again less than 100 yards later it does it again. I put it back in park and start it up again. This time I make it the two miles to my home. I call the dealer and they say bring it in and if it has something to do with the switch we’ll fix it, but we didn’t check the car for driving issues, so we can’t say for certain. I have never had any problems like this in the past, how do I convince them that the reason it’s stalling is because of the new switch. Am I crazy that I think this or could it be completely coincidence that something else went wrong in the two days it was at the shop?


The first possibility that comes to my mind is that, as a matter of routine good practice, they disconnected the battery before replacing the switch. Sometimes a car’s computer has to “relearn” how to make the car run. It normally wouldn’t take but a few minutes, though the full process will be going on for quite some time. The next time you start it up rev it to about 2500 rpm for a couple of minutes and then see what happens.

Of course, that is just a guess. But a new door switch can’t make the car stall.


Your check engine light and power steering loss happened because the car stalled,unless the check engine light came on when the car was running.If you ate oysters for the first time yesterday and came down with the flu last night would you conclude that oysters cause the flu?