New LA Mayor says cost of car repairs is part of cause of homeless problem

Naw I tried that once and she ruined a perfectly good car in short order. Why used though? Shouldn’t they get new?

I have no point to make. IMO the issue is plenty car-related, b/c the new mayor of LA could have said anything she liked in her statement. She could have just said “bills” are the problem.
But instead she specifically mentioned the cost of car repairs as what she believes to be a cause for financial burdens on families. It may have happened before, but I don’t recall any politician before now saying the cost of car repairs is a major family cost-burden.

Reading the story, she did specifically mention car repairs. So where’s the beef? Of course the story could be wrong.

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I’ve gone through tapes of a couple of her speeches announcing her war on homelessness, couldn’t find it. But no matter. She wants to reduce homelessness, good for her.

It is in the referenced written report on line one. Not on tape, although it would not be unusual for someone to be misquoted by a reporter just getting a huge repair bill.

I saw that, not a quote, the reporter paraphrased her. Could be accurate, I couldn’t find it. I’d like to hear what she said. But not a big deal.

“An illness, a medical bill, an unexpected car repair” is something I have often heard, to explain the fact that many people are living paycheck to paycheck, and have little $$ savings to keep them from serious consequences if an unexpected expense comes up.

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Yes, usually that would result in using the 24% credit card or late rent or mortgage or other payments. Of course if you are already exceeding your grasp, the result is not good. The mayor also mentioned addiction. We usually have a few high school students that end up on the street sometimes due to their lone relative/provider ending up in jail. It is not an easy issue to deal with.

40 years ago I spent a week in the hospital. Due to screwed insurance based on work location instead of home location, I paid most of the bill which at the time was a measly $800. Without even asking, the hospital set me up with payments for a year at no interest. They were quite accommodating. Of course now a million or two would be a different story.

I guess the point is it’s a far more complicated issue than car repair or unexpected expenses which everyone has. Tent cities have popped up everywhere around the country but few have any real idea why or what to do about it.

Yes, we have tent camps over here in NH, too. Homelessness is complicated and multifactorial.

But you have hung around here a long time, George, and you know that any time we get around poverty (catalytic converter theft was another one I believe you have posted an article about) we then get into arguments about pulling up by bootstraps, executing cat thieves and drug dealers, leveling the playing field, decriminalizing poverty, or whatever.