NEW Hyundai Accent has dashboard light flicker

I just purchased a 2017 Accent se model and the same thing happened to me…Did you every find out what the issue was?

My wife bought a 2017 Accent in 2018 and this just happened to her. She was driving at the speed limit on a 90kmh hwy yesterday afternoon (Monday) and all the warning lights came on for a few seconds then went off. The fasten seat belt light stayed on a few seconds longer than the others. We have an appointment with the dealership at 8am Thursday morning. I will let them know about this thread and follow up here with the results of the visit.

You can do that if you want to . But I would not , I see that as an insult to the shop and mechanics . I just describe to symptom’s as clear as I can and let them do their job.

My reasoning was, if they know it’s a known issue, it may be documented somewhere in their system. It is under warranty but I’m taking unpaid time off work to deal with this so the quicker I’m in and out the better.

Electrical diagnoses isn’t going to be quick, could take all day.

Looks like I’ve been in this discussion for 2 -1/2 years! Gives entirely new meaning to Accent lighting! :grin:

Exactly. Unless they’ve seen it before or it’s a known defect. Chances are, if three of us have reported the exact same issue on this thread alone, it’s happened to others. Also, the repair itself could be time consuming, even if they know what to do. I will let you all know the outcome after my visit on Thursday.

I got my first Hyundai ( a Sonata) in 2017. It had one complex issue in the time I had it. Hyundai honored the warranty perfectly in all respects, and even though the repair took weeks, rented a car for me the entire time. I was happy enough with the dealer and the car to lease another one this year. If you don’t trust your dealer to provide proper warranty service, take it to a different Hyundai dealer. If you try to DIY this, you risk voiding your warranty.

Just got home. They scanned the car’s computer and found no codes so they did nothing and told me to call back if it happens again. I am filing the diagnostic report in my car service folder in case it manifests itself again after the warranty has lapsed. They did wash my car though.

If anyone has ever had this issue fixed, I’d be interested in knowing what resolved it in your case.

Frank, this “issue” can be cause by dozen[s] different possible root causes, so it is not very likely that you will find somebody who had it resolved and his fix would apply to you.
This is not an “issue” really, it is a “symptom”, the issue is still unknown as otherwise dealer would happily fix the root cause and get you out of the door.
A bad piece of news here is that since it is intermittent and not easily repeatable, you chances to get it addressed are slim, sorry for this “reality check”.

you triggered me to post my own experience with such intermittent / hard to reproduce issue I have here:

you might want to consider carefully documenting all your interactions and gathering as much info as you can get as you do not know how it turns out to be in the future