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New Engine/Used Transmission installed

Does anyone know if you need to get your computer rebooted or something like that when R&R’d engine and transmission in your Vehicle? We had the engine done about 6 months ago and the tranny this week. Need to know if they can pick up codes or what we need to do for that.

If a computer “reflash” needed to be done, it should have been done by the mechanic who did the work, either engine or transmission. Now that the work is done, what issues are you having to prompt the question?

The shop that did the engine r&r went out of business 2 weeks after our job. It appeared that they did not stab the transmission correctly, the front pump went out right after that. We had the vehicle parked until this week rangling with it. Anyway, we finished the transmission work and started the Jeep, the engine light is on now. I guess we can take it back into a shop for the reflash then.

First, call around and find an auto parts store who will read the check engine light codes for free. Some Auto Zones and Advance Auto Parts do this. Write the exact codes down (Pxxxx) and post back here. The expertise here should give you an idea of what the real issue is.

ok, we have a code reader for the Jeep, soon as I can get the codes off I will post here. thank you so much

Are you trying to tell us the CEL is on, it won’t pass an emissions test, and you want to know what to do??

Answer: You have already poured a small fortune into this vehicle but you are not done yet…