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New engine or new car?

Our friends just took their 3 month old Honda mini-van into their car dealership for a simple oil change. The dealership forgot to add the motor oil back after cleaning the engine and the engine froze. The dealership offered to replace the engine. Should they accept the offer or should a new van be the appropriate offer? The van has 5,000 miles.


engine replacement sounds fair to me.

And a new engine is all “your friend” is going to get…The engine was the only thing that was damaged.

“And the engine froze.” You mean the engine froze after they drove it 7 miles with the oil pressure warning light staring them in the face…They are lucky they are getting a new engine…

my friends never drove the car, the car seized while the dealership had it. “thanks”

The van should be fine with a new replacement engine. I had to have the engine replaced in a 1990 Ford Aerostar under warranty and I had no problems with the new engine. In my case the Aerostar was within 1000 miles of the end of the warranty. A cylinder head developed a crack and the dealer claimed that coolant leaking into the cylinder had scored the cylinder wall. Ford’s policy, according to the dealer, was to replace the engine. I certainly didn’t object.

A new engine and it should carry a 100,000 mile guarnte

new engine