New Engine Oil Spec GF 6

I am not sure if this is common knowledge but was news to me.

I came across this as my Veloster Turbo is having some pinging esp when it is very hot outside. Now I am using the Pennzoil synthetic oil that claims would be compatible with this specs come May 2020.
My issue goes away with 89 Octane fuel. I think Hyundai just has to change the fuel recommendation on this engine. But I found the new oil spec interesting.

Race cars with engines built to the extreme limits do not use street oils with lots of detergents. It can cause pre-ignition and race oils are changed so frequently and normally run in pretty temperate climates, the detergents are not needed. The link doesn’t say specifically, but that may be the change to prevent pre-ignition.

The other part of the changes relate to current and future 0 W Nothing, extra-thin, oil we are seeing.

Oil clearances must be getting tight-tight-tight to run these 0W16 and thinner oils.

Perhaps you should start a thread asking what will happen if you use regular instead of premium in your car? HaHa. :wink:


Beyond using higher octane gas, have your cooling system checked. Your car could be running a tad hot but within the normal range, causing the “pinging” you mentioned. Very hot weather puts extra stress on your car; there’s less heat dissipation, the AC is running, etc.

@asemaster, yes, sure/thanks :slight_smile:
In this case at least the manual calls for regular 87 octane. But the extra 20 cents is not going to kill me esp since I drive a lot. Bought the car in 2017, brand new and have 44K miles on it. Hoping for 200K Miles-will see.

@davepsinbox_157004; Thanks for the suggestion. The car temps seem to be fine. Relatively newer car at this point. I think it is mostly an issue with the climate I am it. CA desert with over 100 degree heat at times and yes, I am guilty of using the AC.
No coolant loss to speak off either. Knock on wood.

speaking of 0w16 . . .

I seem to recall reading that it’s been fairly common in Japan for some time now