New Diesel Fuels



Can I use the new lsd or ulsd fuels in my 1997 Dodge Diesel pick up truck without the use of an additive?


Well, LSD is the old fuel and ULSD is the new fuel. You have been using ULSD for about a year if you’re in the U.S. It should not be a problem in your truck, there are some legitimate concerns about fuel leaks due to seals shrinking, but the lubricity concerns are not valid, IMHO. I have not bothered with any additives.


Well LSD (Low Sulfur Diesel) has been the standard since before your truck came off the assembly line. ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) is newer, but it should cause no problems with your truck. In fact it will not be too long before you will no longer be able to find any LSD. Most of what you see marked as LSD is really ULSD that has just not been re-tagged yet.


It believe the deadline was last October, I haven’t seen a LSD sticker in months.