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2009 Mercedes-Benz E-Class: #2 in my car?

My car is a diesel . The manual recommends Ultra Low Sulphur. Can I use regular #2 diesel fuel? What happens I do?

You answered your own question with this;

The manual was written by the manufacturer. They KNOW what the engine was designed for because they designed it.

Sulfur in the fuel will cause damage to the injectors and cost you a Mercedes S Class-sized pile of money to fix it.


This is the same as people who ask if they can use regular fuel in a vehicle that requires premium . If you do not want to follow what the people who built your vehicle say then trade it for something that uses what you want to use.

All diesel fuel sold in the United States for highway use since 2007 is ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. The sulfur is removed from the fuel for cleaner emissions and lower particulate output.

Question for the OP: Is the idea here to use home heating oil to dodge the added taxes on road fuels? The term “#2” when I was in the pump biz usually referred to #2 heating oil, which is very similar to diesel fuel.

This brings up a good point…and I wouldn’t use #2 heating oil in the car as the sulfur content allowed in heating oil is (I believe) 500 ppm vs >15 ppm for ULSD bringing back the excellent point from @Mustangman:

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