New control arms clunking

I recently got the front control arms on my 1998 Camry replaced. They definitely needed replacing as the tires were shot at the last rotation. I got the tires replaced and soon after got the control arms replaced. I’ve noticed a clunking sound at low speeds when starting from a stop or when braking. That sound was not there before. They are after market control arms from Autozone. A couple of weeks after getting them changed, I got the car aligned, but this didn’t change the sound. Nor did they mention anything was amiss when they did the alignment. Thank you for your help.

Check if the sway bar bushings are worn.


Check the stabilzer bar end links, too. When worn, they clunk, too.

The sway bar links attach to new control arms. How could a mechanic miss seeing that the links were bad? And you are 6” from sway bar bushings as well.

Toyota Camry: Stabilizer bar front - Front suspension


I took a look at where the control arms are attached. I didn’t see anything that seemed worn. I couldn’t get a great look because of how the car was parked. Also, I don’t know a lot about cars. I will repark the car tomorrow to try to see it better. I agree about how could a mechanic miss seeing any of this. I will bring it by the shop next week.

Because replacing the control arms has nothing to do with the sway bar or its related components.

So, a mechanic would have to be looking in that area for a problem.

Also, an alignment has nothing to do with sway bar or its components.

So, it wouldn’t be caught at that time either.


If one of my mechanics were replacing control arms or performing an alignment and did not make note of worn sway bar links or bushings, he would not have much of a future working with me.


Here’s one thing we know for damn sure!

It wasn’t your shop or mine!


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True, because as professionals we would certainly have noticed loose/worn/noisy sway bar components during this repair!

Apparently, the shop did tell me about these issues. I went on a long trip shortly after the original repair and had forgotten what was said when I got the car back. When talking with a friend from whom I bought the car, he said I mentioned those issues to him. In any case, the shop did their job. So my question now is how long should it take to replace the front and back sway bar end links and bushings, both sides? Thank you.