New car

I’m looking for a new car I need roomy and reliable I’m spending $10,000.00 any suggestions

That vehicle has yet to be made.


That time has long since past.

I meant used car with a good resale value

im sorry i meant a used car that has a decent reputation

A 2004-5 Toyota Corolla with about 90k miles on it. This car is considered an appliance by some but are more reliable. Good resale value (even used). Roomy? I wouldn’t go that far.

Maybe a off lease fleet vehicles with less then 30K such as Taurus, Impala, Malibu.

Do you need room for passengers or cargo? If you want to seat 4 and a sedan works, then consider a 2003/2004 Buick Regal. Exceptional reliability and decent room for 4; you can fit 5 in when you need to. You can carry suitcases and small boxes in the trunk.

A used Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis, or Lincoln own Car