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New car to me was a rental car gas mpg not to good?

2007 toyota corolla, gas mileage is not where it needs to be. I average 230 miles a gallon in the city, If lucky. It has 36,000 miles.any idea why this may be? I get a little better with highway miles. very quick with the fuel light at just below a quarter tank. any idea’s on making it better? I’d be thankful for any advice. I have changed the oil, 5w30 full synthetic. changed air filter, new cerptine belt at 35000 miles. Thanks

230 mpg tank

No matter how you measure it, 230 mpg is fantastic.
You should not be complaining, as most Corolla drivers don’t get more than 34 mpg.


How big is the fuel tank?

13.20 thats per tank.

i get 230 per tank i wish it was 230 mpg i just messed up mpg

Looks Like EPA Says 26 City / 35 Hwy, Combined 29 MPG

If it’s cold where you live, MPG will suffer until warmer weather.
Low tire pressure will knock off MPG, a little.

You could have the car put up in the air and have it inspected for any dragging brakes, etcetera.

How many MPG is, " … a little better with highway miles."?

What does, “very quick with the fuel light at just below a quarter tank.” mean?

The Amount Of Gas Your Tank Can Hold Doesn’t Matter.

I hope you are dividing the miles driven since a fill-up, by the number of gallons used to fill it back up, to compute your MPG. Also, this needs to be done for several fill-ups in order to get any meaningful information. The MPG results from each fill need to be averaged.

230 miles per tank could be 35 MPG if it only takes 6.57 gallons to refill. 230/6.57=35MPG

230 miles per tank could be 10 MPG if it takes 23 gallons to refill. 230/23=10MPG

Tell us how far you drove after a fill-up and how many gallons it took to re-fill it.

i did the math i was i lot wrong with the mpg it has 13.20 tank. I’M just so up set i looked at some of the receipts and I’m wrong #1 tank got 270.#2 at 10.396 gallons all city at 25 mpg and one at 309.0 little highway 10.716 gallons at 28 mpg specs call for 30-32 city 38-41 highway i thank it had something to do with the engine brake period it was a rental is it to late to fix it if I’m right. thanks

well what do you call bad mpg
15 if i’m lucky
f-150 1990 302

EPA Had To Revise Their MPG Estimates To Be More Realistic.

Window stickers were deceiving people.

My search shows 28city, 37hwy, 31 combined for a manual 5-speed.

My search shows 26city, 35hwy, 29 combined for an automatic.

i had a 2002 ford sport trac at the time gas was 4.00 a gallon and loved it but i new the filling.the point is I’m trying to see if there is a way to pick up the mpg i would have looked at the new chev malibu city 22 highway 30.

common sense answer. thanks that would be about right for me I’M getting 25 city i got 28 city some highway. thanks it helps me fill a litter better thanks for your help.

It is really hard to get your point,this is due to your very poor sentence structure and grammar.

Slow down (your writing) think,form complete sentences,at least sentences that can be comprehended.

15 MPG. That’s pretty frugal in my book. My Bronco gets about 9-12 MPG (351,33 inch tires, 4.56 gears). Luckily my daily driver (2003 Mustang w/ Kenne Bell) is quite the fuel miser at 18 MPG.

I’m not trying to be picky but i just found your numbers and the horsepower is 132 mine is 126. i still thank you.

i did not ask for help on grammar, old school. I’m not trying to tell a story.

If you are asking for help with a problem, you have to communicate the problem clearly. Unfortunately, you are NOT communicating the problem clearly.