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New car recommendation

I drive a 2001 Honda CRV, 4 cylinder with a manual transmission and 145,000 miles. Things are beginning to fall apart and my trustworthy mechanic says I need a $1000 repair. I’m thinking it may be time for a new car. I’m very environmentally conscious, so a hybrid makes sense. However, I love to drive a manual transmission and hybrids are only automatic. I have two large dogs who travel with me about 500 miles every week to visit my elderly father. Any suggestions for my next car? Thanks.

The Honda Insight is available with a 5-speed manual transmission.
That is the good news.

The bad news is that the seats are uncomfortable, and it is much less car for the money than a Toyota Prius. But, if a manual trans hybrid is what you want, then the Honda Insight may be your next car.

The local bookstore has a Consumer Reports new Car Buyers’ Guide. That’ll show you everything available as well as give you good comparative information. I’d suggest you purchase that for $10 before spending tens of thousands on a vehicle.

[b][i]Environmentally Conscious ? Move Closer To Your Father Or Have Him Move Closer To You And Drive 10,000 Miles Less Per Year. Get Rid Of At Least One Dog, If Not Two.

They Are Tough On The Environment (food, waste, water, CO2, methane).[/i][/b]

Give up the manual transmission and get a new Hybrid. The sacrifice is in the name of saving the planet and will be worth it. That new car will account for more stress on the environment in its manufacture, though.

Or better yet, fix what you’ve got and run it another 145,000 miles. Mother Earth will be all smiles.

Oh dear. All these conflicts and decisions . . . Life is short. Why not just enjoy it ?


Forgive me, but I must give you a “none of the above” answer. :slight_smile:

Do you know how much Carbon and other pollutants are produced just to make and ship a car? If you are indeed “very environmentally conscious,” You will keep this car until it has at least 200,000 miles on it.

Sorry, but I have to call it as I see it, and buying a new car while yours only has nine years of age and 145,000 miles is not an environmentally conscious decision.

Edit: CSA and I don’t often agree, but I love it when we do.

I think you will be bored out of your mind driving a Hybrid, compared to your manual CRV.
Civic Hybrid = boring
Prius = boring
Escape Hybrid = boring

Why not just fix it and drive another 145,000?

I would suggest that you look at non-hybrid economy cars since you love driving stick. I have a 2010 Toyota Yaris with a manual transmission that I am quite happy with. Mpg is 29/36. There is also the Honda Fit, Nissan Versa, Hyundai Accent, Ford Focus, and Chevy Cobalt(I don’t recommend the Aveo).

Your best new car choice might be a new CRV with a manual trans. This is a fuel efficient car, or small SUV. If much of your mileage are the trips to see your father these highway miles aren’t the kind where a hybrid really helps. Hybrids do best in urban, stop and go driving.

Since your old CRV will go to another owner you are not making an enviornmentally bad decision to get a new car IMO.

A second recommendation for another manual (if you can find one) CRV. They have excellent room and good efficiency when you consider not miles per gallon but “dog/miles”.

Honda Element is the ultimate dog taxi.

Well because I know you and your circumstances I would suggest the following:
I agree with some of what has already been said- By having your father move closer to you, you would help your father, your pocketbook, and the environment. In doing so, you might also invest a little in your current auto and not be in a position where you are forced to purchase another vehicle. As for “stick shift”- I too love to drive a really good car with a stick, and my next car will be just that. Live with what you’ve got for the time being, and drive my next car when you want…

VW Jetta Wagon TDI with the seats folded down.
the TDI will really shine for those long highway trips to see your father. Edmunds lists it as 30/41/34 city/highway/combined, so you could make that trip on one full tank of fuel.

Guys, the OP didn’t ask how to save the earth. He/she only asked for a recommendation on an environmentally responsible new car!

Iannah; I would fix my present car, maintain it well, and drive it for a few more years. Amercians spend about $1200 per year for maintenance, repairs and tires. If you do not budget for this on an ongoing basis you are not facing facts. A $1000 one time repair is normal and is about 2 1/2 monthly payments on a new car.

The new Honda Fit has enormous inside room with the seats down; it will easily accommodate 2 large dogs, and gets very good gas mileage, as well as costing many thousands less than a Prius hybrid.

You appear to be a prefect candidate for a frugal hatchback, which your CRV is not. You will soon have more choice; the Ford Fiesta, Mazda 2, Hyundai Accent, Toyota Yaris. Any of these with good winter tires will make you a very environmentally concious person. As others point out, we could tally your total carbon footprint from driving to visit your dad and keeping your dogs, but life is for living, not making a hypocritical and carbon wasting Al Gore happy.

If you do decide to trade, please drive the Honda Fit (with the dogs in it) and the other hatchbacks suggested. The Mazda 2 will be out by the end of the year.

I’d keep the CRV a while longer. $1000 for a repair is not that much anymore. And is it a repair, or maintenance? If you simply must have a new car, I’d take a look at the VW Golf or VW Jetta TDI’s.

True, but her claim that she is “very environmentally conscious” is at odds with her desire for a new car. On the other hand, if “very environmentally conscious” is just a label she wears, and doesn’t really mean anything, then by all means…

Sorry, but I believe there is some cognitive dissonance happening here. There is a clear inconsistency between the OP’s beliefs and her prospective action, and I would like to see that inconsistency resolved before I recommend a car.

The Honda Element is available with a manual.

…as is the Honda Insight hybrid, as I pointed out in the first response in this thread.

Well, Carbon My Footprints, Whitey ! I Think We Are Almost On The Same Planet On This One .

And actually my mental math was off a bit. Living closer to Father could save up to 26,000 miles of driving per year.


Thanks for all the advice. Last summer I spent $1400 in repair costs. Now I need to put in another $1000. I was worried that my car is starting to turn into a money pit. Overall, the CRV has been a great car. Based on everyone’s advice, I think it may be worth another $1000. BTW, I am working on closing the distance between my father and me, although my dogs will miss the road trips!