New car maintenance

I have a new Volvo XC60 - The recommended oil change interval is 7500 miles - the dealer says I should do it at 3750 miles if I intend to keep the car for a long time. What interval should I chnage the oil?

I would agree with the dealer. The problem longer OCI’s and new vehicles is the truth does not come out for a few years.

Case in point, my wife’s Subaru Legacy turbo has a 7500 mile OCI, a few years latter we get a letter stating Subaru highly recommends we use severe service 3750 mile interval. Subaru reverted all turbo cars to 3750 mile OCI.

That being said maybe split the difference at 5000 miles.

owner’s manual should give you a mileage as well as a time based interval of changing the oil.

Three questions, just answer them to yourself, don’t post them.
How much did you pay for the car?
How much does an oil change cost you?
How long did you keep your last car?
The answers to those questions should give you some insight into who you want to believe. No one else here besides you has a vested interest in your car.

BTW, vehicles I have that I do 7500 mile OCIs, 97 Honda Accord, 160,000 miles; 1997 Nissan PU, 162,000 miles. Neither burns oil. Vehicle with approx 6000 mile OCI based on computer monitoring, 2002 Saturn, 204,000 miles, burns 1 qt/2000 miles.

For long life you can do either. Of course the dealer will prefer you do it more often which equals more profit for the dealer.

Times have changed. Cars and oils have changes a great deal. All you really need is what the owner’s manual tells you to do.

Take a look at the messages here. How often do you find one that is about an engine damaged because the oil was not changed more often than recommended by the owner’s manual.

Oil related failures are very rare, except for owner’s neglect.