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New car for old gal

per advice from this forum, last purchase was a '09 RAV-4 which was/is terrific but now feel need to downsize. i’m overweight, bad legs so need a car alittle “high” off the ground…but small. any ideas?

Generally speaking, the qualities that you are looking for are found in your present vehicle. Or, a Honda CR-V, or a Subaru Forester.

If you switch to a small sedan, the seats will be much lower than what you currently have.
Also–with all due respect–if you are overweight, a small car may not have sufficient room for you to be comfortable behind the wheel.

Toyota Venza, Honda CrossTour are basically cars that sit a bit higher than a standard sedan. Subaru Outback models are similar. You need to visit dealers and try out car models to see what is comfortable for you.

If you are downsizing to save money on fuel, consider that you are going to lose more money when trading in the Rav4 than you will save on fuel. It will take years of using less fuel to recoup the money lost in the deal.

You are correct about the height of the Venza, Crosstour, and Outback, UT, but they fail to meet one of the OP’s critera, i.e.–smaller than her current ride. All of these vehicles are larger than her Rav-4.

However, if she gets an Outback equipped with a 4-cylinder engine and the CVT, it will get better gas mileage than the Rav. CVT-equipped Outbacks are now rated at 22 mpg city/29 mpg highway, with many owners reporting well over 30 mpg on long trips.

Keep the car you have and stay away from the buffet. The “bad legs” syndrome disappears as you lose weight. I know from personal experience. Downsize yourself, not the car. Don’t get offended–this is tough love. Your life will be longer and happier for it. Good luck–it is not easy but it is worth it.

Trading in an '09 car is a financial blunder beyond description. Flushing money down the toilet.

I think that Click and Clack’s standard recommendation for overweight folks is the VW Beetle. Easiest to get in and out of. I fear, however, that you cannot do much better than what you have now.

thanks, but was wanting a sedan…i don’t need all the room of the RAV-4 anymore. usually, i’m fine in a rental but for the long haul wanted something alittle higher off the ground.

to be honest money isn’t the issue…i just needed less car than the RAV-4 and was wanting a sedan that “sat” alittle higher off the ground than most sedans

actually, the bad legs are both weight and a medical lymph drainage issue…so, thanks for the advice. money isn’t the issue but just wanting a sedan rather than the RAV-4.

i remember an old “click and clack” episode with daniel pinkwater and that was his recommendation also. the door is so heavy and i hated the cloth seats but maybe i should try again…in leather this time. thanks for reminding me!!