2012 Camry MPG

Just purchased a 2012 Camry 4 cyl, auto trans, with 6000miles on it, and expected to get approx. 35mpg. On a trip this weekend of 390 miles traveling at approx. 65 to 80mph, mostly on cruise congtrol. It turned out to 30.2mpg, kind of dissapointed. Tires inflated to 36psi. I expect more than this, will the mpg increase as it “breaks in” ?

@sytap8 you’ll get considerably lower fuel economy at 80mph versus 65mph

You faster you go, the more you use.

I strongly suspect that same trip at a steady 65mph would have been closer to 35mpg

The car is already broken in

I have a 13 Camry 4 cyl automatic, regularly get 35 on the highway with a max speed of 75. my wife gets 32 but if a car ahead of her slows down she will brake and my first instinct is to change lanes. Using your brakes turn gasoline into heat energy rather than propulsion.

No more breaking in, it’s done. 80 MPH will really lower the fuel economy. Try not to go faster then 68 to get those extra MPGs. If you have higher speed limits than 65, go that fast because your time should be worth something too. If it was a two way trip over two days, you probably did some slower speeds and a little stop and go.

Given the parameters of your driving style 30mpg seems about right . If ultimate mileage is the goal cruising at 80mph is contraindicated. You want the skinny on getting fabulous MPG just google up hypermileage. There’s a whole bunch of frankly nut jobs who use every trick known to man to elicit every last drop of mileage from their fuel. Frankly even 65 is wasting fuel. 55 is more fuel efficient but I know in the states the posted speed limit is often 65 or higher.


Slow down if you want better mileage. Almost as good is to get a manual transmission and shift softly.