New Buyer Need Help with a fair DEMO Price

My wife and I are ready to purchase a new car. We really like the 2013 Ford Taurus. Well our local dealership has a Ford Taurus Limited DEMO model (with 301A options) that has been discounted from 38,680 to 31,988. I spoke with a sales associate who said this was used buy the Sales Manager and has 4,500 miles on it. He also assured me that the warranty wouldn’t start until it was sold and registered to a new owner. So I have been doing some research and it seems that used 2013 Limiteds with the same 301A options packages are being listed around $28,000. My question to all of you is: What would you think a fair purchase price for this vehicle would be?

The 2014 models will be out in a couple of months latest. Yes, you would be overpaying at $31,988, since you are essentially buying a one year old car. Wait two months and you can get the same car NEW for less than that.

I would wonder about the used ones, traded in because they are lemons. Offer 28!

Sounds a bit high to me and you need to take that statement about the warranty only beginning when you buy the car with a lot of salt. That is not true.

A dealer demonstrator is considered a used car and the factory warranty begins on the day that the car was “put into service” as it’s called; meaning the day that the car became a dealer demo.

I think if the warranty works as stated in the OP – the warranty period starts with the OP purchasing the car, for both time and mileage – it’s a pretty good deal. (Like “ok” says above, the OP should get that in writing so there are no ambiguities.) In fact the first 4500 miles on a new car miles are the ones that cause new car purchasers the most problems as the sample defects show up then. At 4500 miles, provided there are no remaining issues, the car and the gadgets all work like they should, then the car should work fine for another 100 K minimmum if driven conservatively, w/just the routine maintenance suggested in the owner’s manual. I think the deal is pretty good actually. Not that I’d pay that much for a Taurus myself, but if the OP likes the Taurus, and is going to buy one in any event, this one seems a fair deal as far as I can tell. The OP should definitely consider it.

There must be more options on the car. The MSRP for a Limited with only the 301A is $36.595, including the destination charge. There are an additional $2085 of options on the car. Note also that there is a $3500 rebate, and you won’t get it. Edmunds says the true market value for this car as you described it is $30,843 without the high mileage. That price does include the rebate. If you really like the car, offer them $26,000 and see what they say. If you live in a high population area, there will be a lot of choices. There are 25 Ford dealers within 50 miles of my home. Even if there are only 10 near you, that;s still a lot of choices. Look online at dealer inventory near you and see if there are other, better deals out there.