New Battery in Volvo 960... Still won't start

I have a 1997 Volvo 960 station wagon. It has been sitting in the driveway for 5 months. I went to drive it and it wouldn’t start. We jumped it and it ran but wouldn’t hold a charge. The battery was about 7 years old so we went and bought a new battery. We took the old battery out and replaced it and now it does nothing. It won’t start and there is no sign of power to the car at all. Any Ideas?

First check that you have at least 12.6V at the battery. If less then that, the new battery may not be fully charged. If you have at least that, then I believe you have corroded battery cable clamps. Clean them good with a stiff wire brush.

A wild guess: If the car has a security system you might to need to reset it after changing the battery.

Make sure power is getting the fuse panel under the hood.

Did you remove the plastic covers on the battery terminals before putting the cables on the battery?

i have seen that one b4 i think asemaster hit the nailon the head.