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New Battery Good alternator Not always recharging Saturn Ion

The facts: Occasional problems starting my Saturn Ion. The battery was six years old and probably needed to be changed. Called AAA and they jumped it and then turned off the car three times to do diagnostic tests. 4th time no start. New battery, but now the battery has trouble recharging. Shop can’t find problem. Husband and shop say alternator is working. What can it be? Should I fix or trade in for a different car?

Have the alternator “load tested” by a another mechanic. While you are there let them check the vehicle for a drain on the system. I once found a dime inside my cigarette lighter that drained my battery constantly over a few nights. My 5 year old son then showed me where he kept his spare change.

Thank you. My husband is planning to see what happens with a new cable between alternator and battery. It seems like the charge is not getting to the battery. We got a diagnosis of an intermittent charging circuit fault, but no suggestion how to fix.

We’ll give it a try.