New 2009 Subaru Impreza at 1500 miles

I recently bought my first new car, a 2009 Subaru Impreza. I have driven the car about 1500 miles over the past few months since I bought it, and am now getting ready to move across the country, and thus drive the car around 2500 miles in a matter of four days. The car has had no problems so far. Should I take the car in to the Subaru dealership where I bought it for its first check-up before my trip (which they recommend), or wait until I arrive at my destination and have it checked and the fluids replaced at that point? I’d appreciate any advice or input.

why does the dealership recommend a pre-trip check? If you are following the recommendations in the scheduled maintenance in the book supplied with the car then take your trip…with 1500 miles on your car a long sustained drive will do no harm.

Thanks for your feedback! This was my hunch, too. I think the dealer would simply like to have the business of a maintenance check – but I don’t need a “routine” check until 3750 miles, which I’ll be just slightly over at the end of my trip. Thanks again.

You don’t need to do anything special to prep for the trip if the car is running fine. For any trip with any car you should check the tire pressure (buy and carry a tire pressure guage in your glove box), check the oil, check that the coolant in the overflow container is OK, and the brake fluid is OK. The coolant and brake fluid tanks levels can be seen without even removing the cap.

During the trip, once or twice a day check the oil level. Just let the car sit for a least 5 min. after turning off the motor before checking the oil. I carry a quart of oil in the trunk and a rag in case I need to add some during a trip.

Have a fun, safe trip.

Thanks for all the advice! I appreciate it.

Since Subaru wants the first oil change done at 3750 miles, I would either change now, or make a decision to get an oil change done at some dealer at about the 3500 mile mark.

I say this because there have been times when the assembly line gorilla put an oil filter on so tight that the car had to go to the dealer to get it off. After two instances like that, I pay for the dealer to do the first oil change, so that any issues are resolved there.

This is helpful – thanks. I’ll check into Subaru dealers along the route.

Enjoy your trip and don’t worry about check up at end wherever you end up.

Check your tire pressure and basic fluids before leaving.