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Neutral Safety Switch Previously Replaced

Had the Neutral Safety Switch (NSS) replaced about six months ago, because the car wouldn’t start and I recalled a CarTalk program about the NSS, so decided this must be the problem. But did not have any diagnostics performed beforehand… as it would’ve been another hundred bucks or so.
Last month the issue has returned where the car doesn’t do anything when trying to start (just like before). This happens a couple of times a week. I need to move the shifter back a forth a few times, then the car will start. Before I take it in to spend that hundred bucks or more, is there something I can do myself to correct?
Or what should the mechanic be expected to do to correct this problem?
And is the NSS going to need to be replaced, regardless?
Thanks so much

Looks like the mounting holes are slightly slotted. Try rotating the switch a bit and make sure it starts in both PARK and NEUTRAL. See if that helps.

Mechanic does not have to do anything. It seems you asked for a part to be replaced so that is your problem . Now if you really want this solved you will have to pay for a diagnostic because that is the only way the shop will place any kind of warranty on their work.

The problem does seem to be due to the switch. There may be an adjustment needing to be done for the switch to correct the issue rather than replacing it. So the switch contacts line up with the shifter position. A voltage test can also be done to verify the trouble is with the switch. If the switch is fairly easy to access the service charge to fix it shouldn’t be too much.

Did you place the transmission into neutral and set the parking brake prior to replacing the switch?

And did you use the Hyundai special service tool locating pin when the switch was installed?



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