Neutral acting like 4th or 5th gear

My car stalled one day like i was in a high gear at too low of a speed when i was in neutral. It now acts as if it is in a high gear all the time when im in neutral. Wen i press the clutch it will idle like it is supposed to but when i let off it pushes foward slightly then stalls exactly like it would if i was in 4th or 5th gear. When i shift into 1st 2nd 3rd or reverse it dies as if it is in gear but will not move even sligtly, when i shift into 4th or 5th it again dies but it but is acting just as i would expect 4th or 5t to at a complete stop i feel slightly more power in 4th which is expected being a lower gear but i also feel 5th pull just like its supposd to. I cannot get it to come out of the high gear it is in even though i can move the stick into the neutral position. It is difficult to get the shifter into 4th or 5th but it will move into the other positions like it should with the same no power result. My clutch is fairly new and i have tried inspecting my sift linkage wit no obvious problems. I would like some answers on tings i can try before i spend 300 bucks on a new tranny. I do realize that this is the easiest solution but i am willing to work hard on this if it means saving some cash for a month or two so please answers only that do not say buy a new tranny or clutch. (1991 honda accord lx 5 spd, 2.2 sohc)

Well first off I should point out that restricting what kind of answers you get is somewhat silly. If you need a new transmission, telling someone not to tell you that you need a new transmission kind of makes your whole question pointless.

Fortunately for you, you might not need a new transmission. It could just be that your shift linkage is broken/bent/out of adjustment. Have that looked at first.

One thing I would try is to jack up one wheel and put the car safely on a stand. Disconnect the shifter cables from the transmission selector. Manually move the selector into neutral and then into the various gears. Check to see if the wheel spins freely in any location. Also check the lubricant level in the transmission.

I suspect, as you probably do too, that something has gone wrong inside the transmission. That price of $300 for a replacement is a good deal but the price will probably go up as the clutch kit and other parts are added to the installation.

BTW how many miles on this Accord?

Good luck on this