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Neon with a sticking ignition key

Hey folks my daughter drives a 2000 plymouth neon [God bless her]. the key has been sticking in the ignition and she has much difficulty getting it out. Is there a work around to this problem ?

She could try a little powdered graphite in the lock.

If she has another key tell her to see if that one works better.

I would add to mc that if someone has used oil or a product like WD-40, the lock may need to be cleaned out. Get a zero residue cleaner (RadioShack-Tandy) has some, and get the old half dried oil out of there. Then a little powdered graphite. LockEase is an easy to use material.

If that does not do it, or if you just don’t want to DIY then stop by most any locksmith shop. See the phone book. They should be faster, cheaper and better than your local dealer or mechanic.

This mechanic does top notch lock cylinder work,don’t ask me to change the locks at your home but I am very comfortable working on your car (I am trained to safely handle air bags does your locksmith also have this training?)