Needing a steering rack rebuilder

Hello, I am in need of a reliable steering rack rebuilder for an '89 Nissan Pao. This was a car built for the JDM only so finding someone who can rebuild this power steering rack has been a challenge. Anyone familiar with a good, trustworthy rebuilder who can do this job?

I have seen good ones in Osaka Japan, Palmdale California, and Perth Australia.

Just joking

If you ask such a question, it might help if you told us where you are…

The bigger question is why can’t you find this rack at a parts store?

Located in NY. The reason that I can’t find one is that they aren’t available. It’s a right hand drive car, 30 years old and they didn’t build them or sell them in the US.

And you think someone is going to have parts to rebuild this ?

Looks like it would be a fun little around town car

You’re going to have to find and ship a rack from a country where the vehicle was sold in RHD configuration. The likelihood of finding one here in the US is vanishingly small.

You can find parts ID here.

Check the parts numbered in the 490s at the bottom of the page. There are also parts for sale on line. Find a mechanic that will tell you what to buy, have them delivered, and he will install them. You might also find an assembled steering system.

IF a rebuilder was familiar with both the RHD and LHD models it is quite possible that the needed parts are interchangeable from side to side. The only outward difference is the centering of the pinion on the rack. The bearings, bushings, seals, etc could and likely are mostly the same. And BTW, what is worn out on the rack @Volvovat?

Inner seals are worn out. Leaks like a colander.

Yes, I have the available seals but not the tools needed to disassemble. These racks are not available in the US.

I have the seals. Need a skilled rebuilder.

Give this company a try;

Hopefully the rack itself is not pitted or grooved. If so, that makes the seals worthless.

Another issue that can pop up is when the pinion seals wear grooves in the rack housing. This also makes rebuilding impossible; at least without serious machine work and money.,
Hopefully neither of those apply.,

If you can’t find somebody in the USA to do this job, secure a copy of a UK car-repair magazine like Practical Classics or Classics Monthly. There will probably be advertisements of companies that do this on right drive cars. Then you can mail the rack to them, and they’ll fix it and mail it back to you.

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Thanks. I will first try to find someone a bit closer because this thing is heavy and long which means $$$ in shipping.

O K thank you!

I hoping it’s still good too. It was leaking badly. Fluid in one end and out the other.

If you have the parts I would think a shop that repairs power steering racks could handle it. Have you checked Hemmings Motor News?

No offense, but when you choose to import a car that was never sold in the U.S. this is exactly the kind of thing that you’re signing up for. It goes with the territory. With that said, I would seek out some west cost JDM importers, the outfits that are bringing over R32/R33 Skylines. They could probably source a new rack for you straight from Japan. That’s your best bet for relatively quick resolution.


Reach out to Duncan Imports of Virginia, He sells these but also has a parts department so might be able to help find a rebuilder.

“In addition to our collection of Japanese domestic models and our antique cars, Duncan Imports also provides a capable parts department that will help you locate the rare parts and accessories that your unique vehicle needs. We can also help point you in the right direction when it comes to auto financing, so that you can drive off our lot as happy with your payment plan as you are with your incredibly unique vehicle.”

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I got it in the US at a VERY good price. I’m familiar with JDM cars and many parts are still easily available. I have the parts for this rack but not the tools to rebuild it. But thanks for the suggestion. A new rack is extremely expensive, being OEM. You know how manufacturers charge top dollar for their OEM replacement parts.