Need700r info

I have a 87 chevy blazer full size it has the 700r in and the 700r i got from the junk yard. ok the 700r from the junkyard the pass did does not have the 2 nut plugs on it they are between the servo and the kickdown

I have no idea what you are talking about! Read your own post, does it make sense to you?

He has a full size 87 blazer. A part called the 700r in his car and the 700ri does not have the two nut plugs. I would guess he wants to know if they are compactable.

Is this what you are talking about??? This is the cooler line fitting, there are two of them on the passenger side of the trans.

Just when you thought it couldn’t be worse- along comes a new contender for the title…



nuts don’t compact very much.

I think Twin Turbo is referring to the “Most Incomprehensible Post Award” or something like that.