Need transmission knowledge

I have a 4 cylinder 5 speed 1995 ford contour with 240,000 miles and transmission will not engage. While I was driving my passenger side axle seal blew out leaking out the transmission fluid and my motor automatically ramped up. Now my gear shift will go into all gears and motor runs without the clutch engaged. When I give it gas the car does not stall. I need to know if there could be some internal damage or after i fix the leak and refill with fluid if there’s a chance the transmission could begin working properly. Thanks

Take a close look at that output seal. The output CV joint stub may be out of the spider gear splines. With the transmission in PARK attempt to push the car. If it rolls something has lost connection and it’s likely that output gear.

It’s a 5 speed manual transmission.


Something catastrophic happened within the transmission.

If the seal failed and allowed all the fluid to drain from the transmission, the transmission would still operate.

The transmission would protest this by making noises the hotter the transmission got.

From what you describe, it appears the transmission requires replacement. And might as well replace the clutch assembly at the same time.

You do realize the engine/transmission/cradle are all lowered in order to perform this repair?


Could the problem still be that the output shaft has been disconnected from the spider gear?

That’s my final answer even though I was eating an ear of corn when I first answered. Oh yeah, I was drinking a Bud with my corn also. But don’t tell Carolyn.

Too many questions, was it front or rear leak? If it is a manual why does it have transmission fluid…

Sounds like the inner CV joint popped out of the transaxle, that a look to see if it fulled engaged.

Some manuals use trans fluid.
I had an '81 Chevy Citation (manual trans), and I was amazed to see that it used Dexron fluid, rather than gear oil.

@VDCdriver Just like I was when I found out my 90 F150 5 speed manual used transmsision fluid.

Use xt-q5-ms or 10-40 viscosity basically. So it’s pretty thin. 2-3 qts so there is a good amount to leak out.