Need to replace ECU... will this replacement work?

Hi guys,

If my electrician is correct it seems we need to replace ECU because of the starting issues, also worth to mention I have a jeep grand Cherokee 4.7 year 2000 and we are based in Europe. (car is imported from states years ago)

The current ECU we have are as follows:

56044668AG | 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee PCM 4.7L ECM Engine Computer ECU Programmed Plug&Play | 05018190AA

I am wondering if ’ JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE (WJ) ENGINE CONTROL UNIT/MODULE ECU P56044668AF’ will work with the current car?

What do you suggest, since they’re a lot of different ECU types… and also in Europe is very difficult to find those ECU…

My only concern is to understand what information I have to check on ECU to know if that will work with my jeep? what code or bar code I have to check?

They are the same part, the suffix “AG” supersedes “AF”.

P/N 56044668AG may have an improved part inside or updated software.

If the module you are going to buy is used, it will have the VIN and immobilizer data from the other vehicle recorded inside, if you can’t rewrite this data, the module won’t work.


I would want to be VERY sure the ECU was bad, and not some other problem. The ECU often get blamed incorrectly.


It’s the starting issue that this car has… when I drive around and then park and want to start it won’t start…

when I leave car over a night… I can start the car…

well instant fix is to remove and put back battery cables… then it runs again until I stop the car and try to start again…

all related sensors are changed.

electrician said he can program… so I guess it shouldn’t be a problem?

If he can change the VIN and transfer the secret key data from the immobilizer module then it should work.

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He can… but there are some slight differences in the suffix… but if people say it shouldn’t be a problem.

Only thing is that it could show ‘check engine light’ anything else should work.

Then you’re going to have a problem when it comes time for inspection, I would think

Because if you put in an incorrect ecu that allows you to start the engine, but the check engine light remains on at idle . . . a possible implication is the ecu may be looking for sensors that your vehicle does not have, but the donor vehicle did.

And that may be a problem that’s impossible to fix

I think you’d better be 100% sure the ecu is in fact the problem

Seems to me somebody’s just trying to make an educated guess at this point

Many modules get needlessly replaced . . . when in fact the real problem wasn’t identified, due to poor and/or incomplete diagnosis

I suspect that your original PCM did not have a n AG suffix, the original P/N was 56044668AC.

If your check engine light remains on it is because the entered data does not match the vehicle.