Need To Buy A New/Used Car

My Nissan Altima (2002/111,000) is burning oil…and getting worse. It is producing lots of smoke now on accelleration, and the engine is hesitatin while giving constant gas during accelleration.

Anyway, now looking to trade it in to get a new/used car. I’d like to stay under $20k. I actually have no clue what to get, and am really looking for reliability mostly.

I am 6’2" and like a little head room, and am around 220. I have 4 kids, so a decent back seat would be nice, but I don’t have the kids in the car that often.

I like Altimas, Maximas, TLs, G35s, but they are all pushing my price range on a 2 year old used car.

Anyone have and recommendations?

I’m amazed that engine is burning oil with so little miles on it. I’ve been able to get well over 300k miles on a couple Nissan V6 engines. You do regular oil changes???