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Need surge protection

Car: 2003 Mercedes-Benz C230 coupe

Mileage: 233,000 miles

My car feels like it is “surging” under load–that is when it is accelerating or, most noticably, when climbing hills.

Another trait is (only) when the engine is cold, when I come up to a stop (car still in drive) the car vibrates strongly.

My mechanic got a cyl. 1 misfire code that prompted him to change that ignition coil. He also changed the fuel filter.

Neither of this had any effect. He also suggested my car needs motor mounts.

Could this be it–motor mounts? Do you have any other suggestions?

With engine running, open hood and see what happens when you shift from neutral to drive and neutral to reverse. Does engine lift up or move excessively when you shift into D or R? Or get a 2nd opinion regarding motor mounts.

How does spark plug look in cyl #1? Could try a new fuel injector in cyl #1.

Could be an issue with the MAF sensor.
Might be time for a compression test.