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Need Rental to Move Older Parent

What vehicle can I rent to move my 90 yr old mother from Memphis to Chicago - 2 days of 6 hour sessions. We’ll need cargo space and a front seat that reclines. But also, I hope to find a vehicle that doesn’t require her to make a big step up to get in. Any suggestions?

Pick her up and put her in. What’s the problem?

Regular minivans have low floor boards and slightly elevated seating making for excellent entry. They hold a lot but should be loaded strategically. Some can pull trailers for additional cargo, but FWD has it’s limits and must be respected when doing so. Honda/Toyota/Chrysler minivans would be my recommendations in that order if purchasing. Any would be fine for rental.
If you need a truck based van for heavier loads and towing, a portable step up will help or one with running board works very well. Our church has a truck based van with the boards and it works well for older passengers.

How much cargo space? You can rent a panel van and use a folding step ladder, as dagosa mentioned. You might be able to rent a Dodge/ Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. They are absolutely immense, and should have captain’s chairs in front. Call U-Haul, Penske, Ryder, and other truck rental companies and explain the situation. In the end, it might be cheaper to ship her stuff and driver her in your car. You can rent a pod (storage container), fill it, and have it shipped to Chicago. Check prices and see if it makes sense.