Need recommendation for new car


Can somebody please recommend a new car model for us?

My wife and I have a 2000 Nissan Altima 4 door sedan, and we are looking to buy a new car. The Altima runs well, but it is NOT the right car for us two baby boomers with creaky knees, long legs, and aching backs. It’s built way too low to the ground, and hurts us to get in and out, especially on the driver’s side.

Is there a new model car out there that is decent on gas mileage and comfortable to ride in, especially for short trips?

Any recommendations?

Pete in Oakland, CA


Check out any Buick or the Chevy Impala. Also, some Cadillac sedans and wagons would be good choices, as many other baby boomers purchase these cars. Ultimately, though, you’re just going to have to test drive a bunch of cars and find out for yourselves. What’s comfortable for me, may be torturous for you.


I kind of resemble your description, and I find my wife’s '08 Altima very comfortable and easy to get in and out of. Sure beats my Porsche in those regards.

You could try something like the Suzuki Sx4 crossover. It’s small but tall for its size. ANd they start at around $15K for the FWD version.


I helped my wife’s parents with this problem a few years ago. They bought a 2004 Chevrolet Malibu and were satisfied with the seat height. I think the Impala suggestion is a good idea too.

Here’s a link to an article for cars suited to smaller drivers. The Accord might meet your needs since the seat height is adjustable.

Ed B.


My 49 year old brother drives a Scion xB, and loves it. They’re easy in and out, and not too bad in the comfort area. They can also haul a lot for a little car. They’re also less expensive than the alternatives already suggested.


Test drive a Chevy HHR…It will surprise you…


I would suggest taking a day and visiting various car dealers. Try anything that strikes you fancy. Don’t bother with the sales people, but collect their cards and try out the seats of the models on display. Go ahead and tell them what you are doing, but don’t spend any time listening to what they have to say. The only way you are really going to know is buy sitting in it. Don’t ignore a model or make because you don’t think you will like it, you may well be surprised.

Be sure to try out the four door models. Often they are easier getting in and out that the same model in a two door. The doors are often smaller and hinged further forward. That means you get more foot room when getting in and you get to open the door further since the door is smaller and can open wider when there is a car parked close beside yours and because it does not need to make room for those getting into the back seat. It is also a lot more comfortable for those in the back.


I have a couple of friends with the same problem. They both opted for a Honda CR-V. Other small SUVs might be just as good. You want something with seats higher off the ground that you can slide into and out of, rather that fall into and stand up to exit. You don’t want to climb up into it, either. Other small SUVs you might consider are the Ford Escape (or the Mercury and Mazda siblings), and the RAV4. There are others, too.


The Ford Taurus (used to be the 500) and sister Merc are easy to get out of. I don’t know about fuel efficiency.


New body style, Chevy Malibu