New Tires - Would welcome advice/suggestions/feedback

Hey all,

I am hoping that maybe some of you can give me your thoughts. I currently have a 2012 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Premium. I need to get new tires, and I have narrowed it down to 2 brands. Now, I am hoping that you can give me your thoughts. I have researched both of these tires, and have read great reviews on both, but I just can’t decide.

I am looking at the following: Goodyear Assurance Triple Tread and the Pirelli Cinturato P7.

I live in the midwest, so we do get quite a bit of snow. I am looking for something that will perform decently in the snow. Obviously, they’re not going to perform as good as a “snow tire”, but I would rather just get by with a really good set of all seasons.

The triple treads do have the snowflake symbol indicating that they work in snow situations. However, I have read some amazing reviews of the Cinturato P7 in the snow as well.

What would you all recommend? Is there a tire that would be even better as an all season?

Thanks so much!

From everything I read on the Tire Rack web site, I’d pick the P7. I’ve had a number of sets of Pirellis in the past, with good results.

A friend of mine had those Goodyears, and after a couple of years they were incredibly loud.
Additionally, their snow traction decreased substantially after 2 years.

He replaced them with Michelin Defenders, which are superior to those Goodyears in all respects–including snow traction-- even though they don’t have the “snowflake/mountain peak” symbol.

I can’t comment about that specific Pirelli model except to say that everyone whom I ever knew with Pirellis was happy with them in all respects except tread wear. In my experience, Pirellis tend to wear rapidly.

The P7, Michilin Primacy A/S, Continental PureContact with EcoPlus, General AltiMAX RT43 and Michilin Primacy MXV4 all have better ice/snow traction compared to the Goodyear tires. If cost is not important, the Michilin tires are an axcellent choice. The Continental tires are a lot less expensive, and the General tires are the least expensive. I put 2 General AltiMAX RT43 tires on my wife’s van, and they work well. I bought 4 Continental PureContact with EcoPlus tires for my Accord and they were excellent this past winter. We got a lot more snow and ice than normal this year, but I live in the DC/Baltimore area, and even a lot of snow for us is not a lot for much of the USA. The Continentals did slide on untreated roads a bit, but I still had enough traction to get up the small hills I need to negotiate to get out to the main roads.

I would go with the P7 or the Michelins. If the Michelins are cheaper then my first nod goes to them.

The P7s, because I like saying Chin-too-RAH-tow.


Check out Douglas tires from WM. I recently bought four size 195/65R15 for about 50 bucks each. The mileage warranty is only 65k miles but the treads are quite aggressive with plenty of air between the tread blocks which should be good in the snow. They are made in USA and cheap enough so that you will not break the bank if one gets an unrepairable puncture too close to the sidewall. That has happened to me at least twice. They handle and ride as good as any tires that I have used.

Any warranty adjustment can be handled at the nearest WM.

Our other car has Michelins. I have first owned Michelins in the late 1970s when they were about the only good radial tire at that time. I have no problem with these Douglas tires so far.

If you do an internet search for reviews, you may wish to pay no heed to very old negative information still on the 'net.

I wonder if Jman136 ever found out if they have a spare tire.

@Wha Who" No offense, but I would not buy a tire that the manufacturer has such little faith in that they leave the warranty responsibilities up to the retailer. Wal-Mart pulled this same stunt with the Goodyear Vivas a while back. Goodyear built those substandard tires to Wal-Mart’s price. You couldn’t get them anywhere else other than Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club. Goodyear didn’t even recognize them on their own website.

It appears that Douglas is doing the same thing. I wouldn’t put such tires on my car.

We are using bridgestone tires on used cargo vans which are capable in snowy conditions but they do well for 1 0r 2 year.

A couple of thoughts about tire warranties:

In some cases, the retailer WANTS to retain the warranty responsibility, They do NOT want the tire manufacturers involved because the manufacturer isn’t necessarily going to require the customer to return to the point of sale.

Also, because some retail outlets have their own warranty policies, the tire manufacturer can not offer as good as terms. Some tire warranties exceed the normal terms the tire manufacturer offers - and those can only be used at the original point of sale.

I’ve had Goodyear Tripletreads on several subarus, including a 2012 Legacy, though mine was the 3.6R Limited. I found them to be excellent in all conditions, and I live in southern tier NY. I don’t know that the tread wear is as long as some others though - I only got 3 years or about 40k miles out of them, and I know I had some Goodyear wrangler? I got from Sears that lasted almost twice as long - but weren’t as good traction.

FWIW Consumer reports has also given the Tripletreads top marks several times though it’s traded off with some Michilens over the years.

I like the Dunlop Signature II. I have Dunlop Grand Trek on my Rav4 with a smooth tread and they are almost perfect. The Signature II has a more aggressive pattern. I have those on the 07 Yaris sedan with a trunk. They’re all good in snow but I’m careful with the Rav4 and the smooth tread.

Go to <a href=!3756!3!72455047693!e!!g!!tire%20rack&ef_id=VZ1IEQAABEJGG0tF:20150710014710:s>tire rack if you haven’t done so already.

Joe Guy, so often tires are a subjective purchase; seemingly more so than many other consumer products. Most tires provide enough customer satisfaction to affirm the buyer’s intent.

I did shop Tire Rack before buying Douglas tires from WM. Today, the closest TR can come to WM in price is Sumitomo Touring LST tires for $51.86 plus shipping. These are likely not made in USA and do not appear to have an aggressive tread pattern to indicate good snow traction. One reviewer on the TR site wore his to the wear bars at 35k miles. One could wonder where to go to get a warranty adjustment.

I am not afraid to shop tires mostly for price because of the legal climate in the US with regard to safety. I also am appreciative of the present state of tire technology that should include almost all brands. With a treadwear warranty, and a universally local store to get a warranty adjustment there are few worries after the buy.

I actually have the Goodyear tripletreads on my current car

They were apparently put on right before I bought the car used, perhaps 3 years ago

no noise complaints whatsoever

They track straight and wear evenly, which is not the case for all tires

Normally, I’m not a fan of Goodyear tires, but these seem to be okay

Where I live doesn’t get snow, and very little rain, so I can’t judge that kind of performance

When it comes time for new tires, I’ll probably buy the highest CR-rated Michelins. That’s because I’m partial to the brand. They’re not cheap, but I feel they’re worth the cost. I’ve had Michelins in the past, and I’ve always had good experience with them. Unlike some other brands

I’ve had mixed luck with Michelin. I once bought a car with Michelin and they were great. Once I bought a car that had 4 almost new Michelins (I forget the model, XV4 I think) but they were by far the biggest piece of crap I’ve ever driven on. I took them off and put on 4 used Big O tires just to make the car safe to drive in the rain. I’ve got Michelin Primacy on an Explorer now and eh, they’re not bad, not great, just tires.

With an AWD vehicle like the Subaru, winter performance is pretty much covered…So I would favor a tire that’s quiet and has a high treadwear rating…