Need help with tire size info

I had a flat tire but I got it fixed after a few weeks I noticed that the new tire was a little bigger than the rest of my tires are 60 but the new one is 65 I was wondering if this was going to be an issue for the car??

Is this a front wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicle? And which corner do you have the new tire located?

Return to the place you bought tire and ask them to trade for the right size.

It’s front wheel drive

You definitely need the same size tires on the front then, b/c otherwise the differential would be subject to extra wear, as well a potential control problems. Different sizes on the rear, left vs right, isn’t a great idea b/c it can cause control issues too in braking and turning. But the rear wheels are free wheeling on fwd cars, so at least that won’t cause transmission problems.

I doubt anybody here is gonna suggest anything other than the same size of tires on all four wheels as Toyota recommends. That’s the most safe configuration. If I had that problem I’d replace that tire with one of the correct size asap.


George_San_Jose1 is correct. You want the tire sizes to match.

Is this the same tire (brand and model) as your other tires? That’s also preferred for safety reasons.

If this shop can’t get the right tire, you could order one from Tire Rack.

what is the size of the tires?
205/60/16 or similar?