Different widths on front axel tires

I drive a 2009 Toyota Camry se and I recently went to get my two front tires replaced, my rear tires are 225/50R17 and the new front ones are 215/50R17, is this okay? And also I was sent home with 1 front tire that is 235/50R17 and one 215/50R17 and I have to go back to get the other one tomorrow. Just want to know if this is unsafe to drive?

The correct size (assuming you have the original wheels) is written on a sticker inside the drivers door jamb.

I don’t think you need to worry about driving a bit with the mismatch.

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According to Tire Rack, your OEM size is 215/55-17, which matches none of these tires. Also, new tires go on the rear for safety, not the front. What sort of tire place have you been using to end up with this mess?

Regardless, you’re aware that the circumferences of the front tires are also different, not just the widths, right? I’m no expert, but it seems like driving very far that way could overheat and damage your transaxle.

When I purchased the car it already had the 225/50R17 tires installed and it’s run about 30,000 miles with that size, I’ve heard that having just a slight width difference from front to back is not a problem for a FWD I’m just curious if the 2 different widths in the front can cause problems even though it’s just a temporary

I’d want all tires the same size. Why did they put different ones on it?

And who knows if 2 different tires can cause problems on the front? I’d be VERY careful.

I am with Lion9car , what kind of place are you dealing with ? There are very few tire stores that will put 2 new tires only on the front of a vehicle no matter if it is front or rear drive.

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A 225/50R17 is more or less equivalent to a 215/55R17 - BUT - a 215/50R17 isn’t - and it’s unsafe!

I’m with the folks above. I would seriously avoid that place in the future. They don’t know what they are doing and they don’t care that it’s your life that is at risk.


I wholeheartedly agree with the others here. They’ve already stated the reasons.

Since this is a FWD vehicle - I concur it’s unsafe.

RWD vehicle however - been done in the Hot-Rod world all the time. In fact some vehicles come from the factory that way.