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Need help with problem

My 2005 Nissan Quest wont start. It has 85,000 miles, no major problems till now. <br/> It makes the usual noise when you turn the key, but doesnt turn over. Tried jumper cables and they didnt work, so its not the battery.

This happened the first time about a week and a half ago. Local service station started it up with starter fluid, then did a 90K service, replaced spark plugs, replaced engine air filter, added injector cleaner, changed engine oil and filter. Ran for a week and a half, then wouldn’t start today.

Any idea what’s going on? Thanks!

“It makes the usual noise when you turn the key, but doesn`t turn over.”

Well, that’s a bit confusing. What is “the usual noise” if it doesn’t turn over? Turn over means that the engine cranks fine, but won’t necessarily fire up. So is that what happens? If so, then jumper cables won’t help.

If the local garage got it started with starter fluid then chances are you have a fuel delivery problem. Someone needs to check the fuel pump & fuel pressure.

The engine cranks, but doesn’t fire up. Thanks for the help with terminology!

And for the tip on fuel pump and fuel pressure.