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Need help with my Honda Rebel 250 2012

Recently bought a used Rebel 250 2012. Changed oil, fuel, rebuilt the carburetor, cleaned up everything and bike was running cool till today.
Did all the routine right. Petcock on, Kill switch on, clutch in and all of that ****, but when I’m trying to actually start it up it won’t start.
I think the problem is with starter, bc I don’t hear it doing anything when I’m pushing the button. I don’t really know is it a problem with the starter or with solenoid or with something else, so I’m really seeking help. Need to repair bike ASAP coz it’s my only transportation to college.


Dead battery maybe. Does the bike still have a kick-start?

Well just rule out the questions you stated… Is it the solenoid or the starter? Then add is it the run/off switch preventing the solenoid from doing its job? or the neutral switch? or the kick stand switch? (if equipped).

So… go right to the solenoid and bridge both large poles…this will run the starter.

You could also pop start it… to see if the run off sw is working properly…

Lots of test avenues to take here…then again I’ve been around bikes my entire life so maybe I am downplaying how confusing this can become.

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Make sure you are taking care of all the safety lockouts. Run switch in the RUN position, kickstand folded up, clutch pulled in all the way, shift in neutral with the green neutral light on. If after that it still is silent, tell us if the headlight goes on when the key is turned and if it goes off when you push the start button. Does the brake light work?

My vote is for key on, switch to run, and bumpstart it off an incline in 3rd gear, assuming no clutch or neutral safety switch (which can probably be bypassed fairly easily).

Or, try to jump it off and see if it cranks. Possibly just a bad battery.

No experience w/modern motor cycles, but when my old Suzuki dirt motor bike wouldn’t start it was usually the spark plug was fouled. Remove/clean/re-install and it would usually start again. It was a kick start model. If I had your problem first thing I’d do is the equivalent of a kick start, try a push or roll down the hill start. The results of that could provide some clues to what’s wrong.

Yeah, my Suzuki was two stroke, very finicky about the plugs.
But Most, if not all, Honda’s are for stroke.