Need Help with My Art/Education Bus in Central

Hello! So, I’m trying to start a Magic Busk Project in Cambridge that will be an arts and culture educational mobile, but I can’t find a mechanic who truly understand what is going on. It stopped running in November with the previous manager of the bus due to a supposed dead battery. Since then, no battery jump has been enough to get it going, and now the air brakes are locked too so it can’t be cheaply towed. Each mechanic says that the engine and batteries are in good working order, but that it needs a stronger jump or could have various other problems. No one can come to a consensus about what’s wrong with the bus so far.
I personally know very little about cars and can’t say who is right. All I know is, I need some help with this bus problems that should be a bus victory for the community! Any help is truly appreciated.

Well, I tried to find out what a Magic Busk was, but to no avail.
Without knowing who made the engine, what engine it is, perhaps who made the chassis, and maybe the answers to a few other questions we’ll ask, it’s absolutely impossible to even begin to guess. Heck, you haven’t even told us if it’s a diesel or a gas engine, or even an idea of its age.

Do you have any documentation with the bus that can tell us something about it? Do you have a knowledgeable friend that can help? Have you looked for the manufacturer’s label (like the one on your car’s door jam that tells the basic vehicle information)?

If the battery’s are completely dead it needs new battery’s.

The air brakes are locked up because the diesel engine can’t run the compressor to release the brakes.


Unfortunately, neither magic or art work on buses. What you needed before you started was a cold hard assessment of the condition of the bus, your financial resources and acumen to maintain it, and access to qualified mechanics and parts. My guess is that it will now serve best as stationary shelter.