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Need Help With 2006 Bmw 325i coolant


Need Help figuring this out. I changed the thermostat and the water pump for my 2006 Bmw 325i around 3 months ago and I drove it back then for like an hour with no issues and then parked it.
Now 3 Months later, I try to drive it and fan is spinning fast and loud and after awhile the engine heats up according to the sensor , I check the coolant level and it was low so i waited for the car to cool down and i topped it off and started driving it but the fan is still running fast and the engine heated up again.
I waited a couple of hours and tried driving it and the car drives fine with no issues.
Do you think there is a problem with the sensor or WTH is going on ?

Have you checked to see if the coolant is still full?

I just checked and seemed lower than What it was earlier so I filled it up again.

Keep adding coolant until it stops needing it. You left air in the cooling system and it is taking a while to burp out.

IF you don’t have to stop adding coolant… you may have a bad head gasket and the coolant is going out the tailpipe