This HAS to be the water pump, right?


Some overheating problems, so

  1. I removed the thermostat from the cooling system (and put everything back)
  2. I decoupled one end of the top radiator hose

I turn the engine on, but no water flows out. This HAS to be the water pump, right?

Could be a bad thermostat, start simple and work your way up. What are your issues?

This depends on the system, if your vehicle has an electric water pump, should it be switched on when the engine is cold?

Depends. The water pump may not run until the engine is warmed up.

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Barkydog, I removed the thermostat

Nevada, Ase, it’s a pully driven pump

Misunderstood, when you said put everything back, assumed thermostat. So now your thermostat is gone and you are getting no flow?

Yeah. Also connected the hose back and warmed it up. I noticed the lower radiator hose was ambient temperature, while the upper hose was hot.

I drove it around though and when I came home, finally the lower hose was hot, so I guess there is flow.

Odd, since from what I have seen, the pump doesn’t have a clutch or anything. So anyway, I guess everything works as it should. Just need the gasket replaced since I have a leak (I’ve posted about this.)

Thanks to all of you guys.