Need help with 04 jeep 4.0

So ive had this 04 jeep grand cherokee for a coiple months not ive had to change so much already now if i try to speed or go on the highway i hear a rubbing or humming sound is this normal or what should i look into fixing
I also have a slight lifter tick can anyone help me get rid of it

A). Rubbing sound, not normal. To fix you must find the source.
B). Lifter sound, how often are you changing the oil?
C). Please find someone that is more skilled to help you translate into English from your native language. Very difficult to read your post.

I use mobile 1 full synthetic with i whole bottle of lucas in instead of my 6th quart everytime i change my oil every 3-4 thousand miles

Also everyone i know that has a jeep says the slight humming sound is normal idk i live in macomb county michigan looking for a good mechanic to look at it soon

I know i dont have correct english its 6am and im haveing a bad day already with this suv everday i do something to work on it make it run better or look better

The humming could be normal IF coming from the tires, do you have winter or mud and snow tires with aggressive tread pattern?
My first thought was just a sticky hydraulic lifter, but that should not be the case with Mobil One and the frequent oil changes, however I would not add any additives to the oil.

Im gonna take it in and have the tires checked today no matter if it is or isnt one thing down on the list to have checked right…

I have had luck with noisy engines by adding a can of Restore at each oil change. Not sure how many miles you have but since it is an 04 I assume a lot.

I would stop using the Lucas and extend your oil change interval a bit unless your driving qualifies as severe use. No sense throwing away money. Some lifter tick isn’t harmful.

I call that over kill . If it was my Jeep I would change at 5000 miles or 1 year . I also would use regular oil at the proper weight .