Need help please

I just got my calibers brakes and rotors done on saturday and on sunday my left back tire was smoking and my new silver calibers were turning brown its only on that left back tire please help dont know what it is

That “new” caliper is sticking, or the slides are sticking, or the brske hose to that corner is failing internally. All 3 require a trip back to the shop that did your brakes.

Yep back to the shop. They are probably going to need to put a new caliper on after being over-heated plus might as well change the hose while you’re at it.

So they must have put the calibers on wrong or something like that

No, just a bad rebuilt caliper or the other causes I suggested. The caliper should be free if a rebuilt was installed on that corner. Same for sticking slides. The hose is on you.

Well i bought the caliber at autozone but ima see cuz this is f reaking me out and want it fix

I agree with @Mustangman 100%… I’m not sure I can add anything to his comments either, pretty much nailed it

One thing that is very often overlooked are the rubber flex lines that feed the calipers…they can collapse internally and they act like a one way valve when it happens…lets fluid go to the brakes but doesnt let it reverse its flow, which locks up the caliper… This is of course after the caliper is ruled out.


Should i buy another caliber mines was silver now its brown

If this was a do it yourself project… take the caliper back and get another one. You likelynhave burned the seals and it sticks. Buy a new brake hose for that corner. Clean the slides.

If this is beyond your abilities, admit it and take the car to a pro.

Going is optional, stopping is not


It could also be that the right and left calipers were put on the wrong sides.
This would not allow the brakes to be bled though, as the bleeder screw would not be at the top to allow the trapped air to be expelled.


The surface rust happens within days, but it does not compromise the workings of the caliper.