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Need help on buying a new car

Okay I went to a dealership and i fell in love with this 2008 honda ridgeline. I test drove it and ride nice im looking for a big car anyway. I notice it smells like something is burning as i took a look at the engine i noticed a little oil on the engine the guy from the dealer told me is a gasket leaking he said he will get a mechanic to fix it. Now my question is can trust this guy to fix this and should i risk to buy this car?? Please let me know and thanks for every word of wisdom!! :slight_smile:

Salesmen are interested in sales. So never trust them. But your problem seems lite. Go for it. Just get repair in writing in case it takes two to three trips.

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Thank you gdawgs will he did said it comes with guaranteed if any problems they would fix it :slight_smile:

If it is good to talk about it then it is good to write it down too!

This is a 2008 car so it is not even certified by Honda or anything. The consensus here is that with every used car purchase, any red flag should be grounds for walking away.

Save yourself some headache and go find another car to buy. If this was an easy and cheap fix, it would already be fixed before going on sale. Also, probably the car was neglected anyway and other issues are going to come up.

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It doesn’t matter if they fix the leaking valve cover gasket.

Spend the $100-$150 to have an independent mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle.

Could save you $$$$$$$ later.



It’s never wise to fall in love with something that can’t love you back. There are always cars available. Salespeople count on your emotional attachment to the vehicle. As Tester suggests, get a cold rational appraisal of its state of repair before committing to anything.

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Agreed with Tester.

As for the claim that they will fix anything that pops up you really need to make sure that claim is on paper.
Amnesia can be a common ailment around car lots.

Unless that is in writing it means nothing.

Find out if and when the timing belt was changed. This was due in 2015, but may have been postponed by the previous owner if the mileage was less than 105,000. This maintenance is an absolute must. The 3.5L V6 is an interference engine with a timing belt. If the belt brakes, you need another engine. The cost will be around $1000 for the belt, water pump, coolant, seals, and pulleys.

Get the VIN from the dealer or off the dash. For a nominal fee, you can get the CarFax (and there may be others) report. Any work done at a reputable dealer/garage will show up.

Tell him to call you when it’s fixed and you’ll consider the car then.
Don’t bother to wait by the phone. Keep looking.

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Not picking on @jtsanders but we’ve had sooo many people spell “brakes” as “breaks” that to see a “break” substituted with “brake” makes my day. I’m sure spell-checker changed it from experience. :grinning:

You’ve gotten some really good advice in here. I’ll second having it written down. Salesman verbal promises are often known as “lies,” and after you buy the car it’s your word against his whether he said it or not. If it’s not written down, it’s not part of the deal.

I’ll also second getting the car inspected by an independent mechanic (not the dealership’s shop!) before you buy.

the dealer told me is a gasket leaking he said he will get a mechanic to fix it.

“Great! Fix it. Then I’ll consider buying the car.”