Cracked head in 2008 Honda Ridgeline



Has anyone had to replace the engine due to a cracked head? (oil and antifreeze mixing)


Please describe in detail exactly what happened. How many miles?


mechanic has head off and this is his opinion?
Or you were told a failed head gasket might cause enough damage to require motor replacement?


Oil/coolant mix doesn’t lubricate well, so if the vehicle was driven this way for a length of time, the engine will be severely damaged, and replacement may be the most cost-effective fix.


At 89,500 miles my perfectly maintained 08 Ridgeline started running rough all of a sudden at a light a mile from work. Engine barely warmed up. By the time I got home (8 miles later) check engine light was on. Pulled the code, 2 cylinders misfiring. Spotted oil in the radiator first, then the dip stick started looking weird. Radiator level started dropping. Some white smoke at start up. This happened over the weekend, so I avoided driving it and took it to the dealer Monday morning. The dealer said I probably needed a new engine, but wanted $1600 just to pull the heads and verify exactly what happened.

Got out of there and found a mechanic that wasn’t insane for a second opinion. He said probably cracked head, but didn’t really matter, as the engine had sustained enough damage from the compromised oil to be terminal. A Jasper re-manufactured engine and $7K later, the truck is running like new.

I know the Ridgeline reputation is good for 200K+ trouble free from all the sources I’ve found so far. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?




Was it a cracked head or cracked head gasket?


I’ll never know. Didn’t want to put $$$$ into an “autopsy”. There was no obvious reason for either to have happened.