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Need Help in Making Final Decision

I have a 1993 Chevy Blazer 4wd 4.3L Z engine.

After doing errands I turned car off, but needed to move. Turned the ignition, heard a small “poof” sound and car cut off. Turned ignition again but all I heard was a click sound as if starter died.

Took it next day to Mechanic 1 told him to put new starter in because this has happened before. Called me back 15 later car needs new engine cause it was seized. Went over to check but took car to my Mechanic 2.

Ask him to check out engine before making a purchase because I didn’t trust Mechanic 1. 2 told me the engine was ok and was able to start the car after putting a new starter in.

The car was driving as it normally does (we had alot of work done to it and did cut off frequently depending on the amount of gas inside). After making a pitstop to a friend’s house the lights and inside dash started to flicker. A couple of hours later my mother was stuck because the car cut off entirely and the clicking after turning the ignition resumed.

The tow truck driver tried to give the battery a boost but nothing. Said it could be the alternator or an electrical problem.

Took car back to Mechanic 2 to put in new alternator. After doing so, said car still had same problem and wasn’t alternator.

So now we go to Mechanic 3 who does electrical. 2 was able to get the car working so I could drive it over there. It was parked for two days because they were closed.

I call Mech 3 to find he can’t start car but will try to find out problem. After a week and a half I call again and he says not to spend anymore money on car, but I want to see a diagnostic report.

He says he put a new battery in and it run out or didn’t work or something. This is when it starts to get fuzzy about what’s going on.

I feel he should be able to do something to get diagnostic info from car.

I am just in need of some more info. Can anyone offer any info and/or opinions?

Maybe someone needs to check the battery cable connections first; all of them, and not just the part that physically touches the battery terminal. This includes underneath the cable insulation and junction terminals.
Offhand, sounds like a lot of guesswork is being done, both by you and the mechanics involved.

It is also not helpful to continually drag the vehicle from one mechanic to another. This may make a difficult situation even worse.
You stated that you took the vehicle to Mech. No. 1 and “told him to put in a new starter because this has happened before”. No. 1 obviously took you at your word and replaced the starter, which he should not have done based on your simply telling him to do this. The seized engine bit is another issue.

and you told the second mechanic to put in a new alternator. You need to find a mechanic you trust and tell them to fix the car, and not give them specific directions.