Need help Identifying broken hose 2002 F150

I was working on a replacing a bad fuel injector, when a hose broke, covering me with coolant. Thank God it wasn’t hot, or I’d be in the hospital right now. The hose feeds from behind the engine, into a port on the firewall. I need to look up the part for ordering, but I don’t know the name of it. Hopefully this picture will help, if it uploads properly. Thanks for any help in advance.

If the picture is zoomed in too close, let me know, and I’ll upload one from further back. Thanks again.

If it’s a coolant hose going to the firewall, it would be one of the two heater hoses.

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Awesome, thanks for the hint. Keep the info coming if anyone has more.

Heater hose.

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Chances are it is molded for the shape. If you are lucky you might be able to replace with standard hose and clamps.

There is a quick connect fitting that attaches to the heater core, I wouldn’t use a hose clamp there.

2002 Ford heater hose

That is the molded piece I was referring to. This would be preferable to using regular heater hose. I should have been more clear.

The heater core fittings are smooth, there are no barbs on the tip of the pipes, there is risk of the hose sliding off when using a hose clamp.