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Need help identifying '08 dodge sprinter mystery part left by dealer, piture included

Dealer did an 20k mile service, oil change, oil filter and fuel filter replacement.

I opened the hood and among two other mistakes I could see, there was this part laying on the engine compartment.

Any ideas what it is and where it goes?

Heres a link to the pictures and previous discussion:




Cant see the pitchers unless you register.

Yup, If you want help from us, you need to post the pictures somewhere else.

a free webhosting site like photobucket, or imageshack will allow uploading and sharing of pictures for free

Or use the Attach File icon on the lower left to upload an image.


While we can’t see the pictures, if Sprinter owners in a Sprinter forum don’t know what it is, it may not be a Sprinter part. You can post the picture here, reply and click on ‘show formatting options’ to see how to add an image.

I am very interested in those pitchers, especially if they are filled with Samuel Adams Lager!


“. . . it may not be a Sprinter part”.

This reminds me of an old Fiber McGee and Molly show that was on the radio back in the 1940’s and through the mid-1950’s. In one episode, Molly and a friend were driving along in the car and heard a terrible clunk. When they got out of the car to investigate, they found this big round disk laying in the road. Molly and her friend wrestled it into the trunk and Molly said, “McGee knows about these things, he can fix it”.

Well,when Molly got the car home, McGee went to work. He assumed that it was the flywheel. Molly wasn’t so sure–she hadn’t seen any flies in the car and thought that the purpose of the flywheel was to keep the flies away. McGee gets the car apart, can’t figure out where the part goes, and can’t figure out how to put the car back together. While he is figuring this out, a policeman comes along and looks things over. “What are you doing with our manhole cover?” he asks. “The city wants it back”. Maybe this part you found under the hood isn’ a part of the Sprinter.