Need help figuring out what this part is called

Hello. I recently heard a tick near my back left brake and followed it to a brake line that has a bracket attached. The plastic bracket was holding the brake line in place and was attached to what looks like the axel. Anybody know what this is and where I can find a replacement?

I would say a brake line retainer but the dealer will be able to bring the parts diagram up on the computer to get the part number and order another one. Or you can go on-line and find the parts diagram from an on-line dealer, see the part number and order it. I’d expect though it’s in the $20-50 range unless it’s a Lincoln.

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It’s a 07 Colorado. I appreciate it. Thankyou I’ll look into that.

This is one GM dealer I think.

Are you thinking the tick came from the bracket?

Yes I know it is. I followed the sound back and the bracket that I connected to the axle is snapped on the back side (you can see some of where I taped it in the picture). It was bouncing off the axle when I drove, so I taped it together as a temporary hold earlier and it stopped ticking/tapping.

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Get one of those metal screw clamps like you see for radiator hoses that will fit around the bracket and axle . Just don’t squeeze the brake hose.

I’ve thought about that but the bracket holds it in place whilst I think using the hose clamp would only damage the brake line over time.



And as usual Mr. Tester has proven to be an excellent source .

For that price I would order 2 .

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Yep, I just ordered something from Summit and they shipped pretty fast. Cost about $10 shipping though so get two or buy some other stuff.

Heh heh. I just ordered a $20 wood working item but I’d get free shipping if I went over $39. I ended up spending $70 to save $8 shipping. What the hey, 15% off and I save the valuable boxes. They aren’t cheap.

I found GM part # 15234822 for the “rear brake pipe strap”. Unfortunately, it seems to have been discontinued by GM, though some dealers may have old stock.

There is one available on Amazon a bit cheaper than the Moser part at Summit. There are some on eBay too. Rockauto shows an ACDelco-branded part under the same part number.

Worse comes to worst, there’s always the heavy duty tie wrap method; or tie-ties as they are quite often called around here.

I’d think you would want to put a short piece of rubber hose around the metal line though to prevent metal to metal contact.

Never heard them called tie-ties, local variation? They are showing up in strange places, like for fractured bones after hip replacement. Zip ties is my common term.