Need help diagnosing my problem with my 2009 honda accord suddan

I just started noticing a noise coming from my 2009 Honda Accord tonight. I was on my way to my buddies bar. When I accelerate past 2500 rpm I notice a noise coming from the engine (or at least what seems to be the engine). Also the Oil pressure light comes on at this point. It (the noise and light turning on) happens when I get to about 2500 rpm, If i keep it below that nothing happens. If I am below 2500 rpm there is no unusual noise nor is there any light.

I left my car at my buddies bar because I did not want to risk driving it back. I checked the oil and I think there was little oil in the engine although I refilled it recently (It was dark when I checked it, I am checking it again tomorrow with a second opinion).

I’m going back tomorrow to take care or it but I would like to get yall’s insight on what it can possibly be.

Get it towed to a mechanic before the engine is ruined, if it is not already. You should never drive with the oil pressure light on.


You THINK there was little oil in the engine? There either was the correct amount on the dipstick or there wasn’t. To channel my inner Yoda, there is no “think”.

Check again, if you can’t see oil in between the full and add marks, add some until you do. Ask yourself a few questions, 1) When was the last time I checked the oil? 2) When was the last time I changed the oil? and 3) How many miles did I drive between now and either of these events. If you can’t answer the 3rd question, you probably need an oil change and you may have destroyed your engine with your neglect.

It could be low oil level or could be a broken pressure relief spring in the oil pump or a worn out oil pump or oil sludge in the passages or pickups. The answer really depends on you, What year car, how many miles, what engine, was the oil changed regularly? Checked the level regularly? Seen any smoke out the tailpipe? Have you seen the oil pressure light flicker before?

Since you haven’t given us much to go on, maybe the best advice is to pay attention to @BillRussell 's advice, get it to a mechanic right away.

“I checked the oil and I think there was little oil in the engine although I refilled it recently”

I don’t read that the oil was drained and a new filter installed before “Refilling”.

either this poster has let the oil drop pretty low before or he’s not explaining things very good.

I’m with @BillRussell and have it towed.

Then learn to check your oil on a regular basis.


The low oil pressure light could be the result of a low oil level, or it could be the result of a gunked-up engine because of lax maintenance, but no matter the exact cause, the OP would be VERY foolish if he did anything at this point other than have the car towed to a competent mechanic’s shop for evaluation.

Do NOT start the engine! It is likely that damage has already been done, but don’t compound the damage by running the engine.

Note: “Competent mechanic’s shop” does not include chain-run places like Midas, Meineke, Monro, Pep Boys, Sears, a tire shop, or…God forbid…AAMCO.

We need more details. How much oil do you need to add now? Does this car leak or burn a lot of oil (as you mention “refilling”)? How far did you drive after the oil pressure light came on? Has the oil been changed on schedule over time?

As others have said, if you drove the car with a very low oil level or with the oil pressure light on, you’ve very likely damaged the engine. Have the car towed to a good mechanic and be prepared for bad (and expensive) news.

I don’t work with cars often I am being as descriptive as I am able to be I am headed to the car right now to check on everything again ( I just got out of work) and getting it to the dealer.

Last night was the first time I heard it make that sound and seen the light go on. It only went on when it went past 2500 rpms. The light turned off as soon as it went below 2500 rpm. I parked it and left it at my friend’s bar as soon as I noticed this.

  1. It was dark and I did not have a flashlight therefore I was not able to see clearly exactly how much which is why I mentioned that I “think” there was not much oil. I’m checking again right now with light so I can confirm that

  2. I changed the oil fairly recently. I keep up with that very well. The oil gauge sais it has %80

  3. I don’t have a garage because I live in the city and am in a platform so I take it to mechanics to get the oil changed.

  4. it’s a 2009 honda accord suddan with 130k miles

Is it the 6 cylinder with cylinder deactivation? Those are known to burn oil, and you need to keep an eye on the oil levels more than with other Hondas.