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Honda Accord 2013

I changed my oil two days ago and shortly after a day or so I was at a red light when suddenly i step on the gas and my car doesn’t at all. i had to turn it off and turn it back and on then it allowed me to move. I also noticed on the dash my check engine light was on and the oil pressure light. My car has also been very hesitant and jerky when accelerating. It has 59,566 miles what can the issue be?

What is the oil level now?

It’s on 100 right now. I forgot to mention it’s an automatic.

What does this mean? I’ve never seen a dipstick with “100” printed on it.

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The oil life is on 100 i haven’t checked the dip stick.

I meant the dipstick, not OLM. Also, what codes were set with the CEL?

That should have been the first thing to be done.

I’ll for sure do that tomorrow

When you do, I’ll guess that you’ll find an extremely low oil level, likely resulting in engine damage, especially if you didn’t shut the car off immediately when the oil pressure light came on.

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P0172 as of right now

That code wouldn’t related to oil changes. It is indicating that your air/fuel mixture ratio is either too low or too high and the computer (ECM) is unable to compensate.

Could be a dirty or non-working MAF (try cleaning it), problems with fuel injectors (you can try dumping a can of injectors cleaner into your gas tank… long shot), or a faulty O2 sensor, Al these things and more could cause hesitation.
A competent mechanic could probably troubleshoot for the cause within an hour.

Start checking your oil level by looking at the dipstick.

In that case I have bad news for you. Driving with the oil pressure light on is frequently a very good method of destroying the engine.

I can understand being concerned about driveability issues, but when the oil pressure light starts glowing, it is vital to shut-down the engine a.s.a.p., and to not restart it until the cause of the low oil pressure warning has been diagnosed.

In any event, the OP needs to have his car towed to a competent mechanic’s shop. Do not drive it!

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Hi, I have the same problem. The workshop said that everything needs to be changed.

Start a new thread!

Don’t tack onto another persons thread!

How the hell are we suppose to know who’s answering who?



Define everything. Everything between the bumpers?

They may have told him they need to jack up the radiator cap and drive a new car underneath it.


Maybe you don’t . We don’t even know if the vehicle has oil in it or a complete description of the problems.

Sounds like a botched oil change to me; in regard to the OP and not the second one. And the OP says they will check the oil level tomorrow? What about right now although odds are the damage is done.

And “I changed my oil…” means what? DIY or had it done?