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Need help ASAP PLEASE!

I have a Mazda 626 1995 I’ve been driving it for 2 weeks an two days ago I couldn’t put the car in first or reverse tell it warmed up. Then today I go to leave and the clutch has no resistance and it will not go into gear at all! Have no clue what’s going on it has all the fluids it needs please help if possible!!

I’d say your clutch has failed. Start first with checking the hydraulic clutch system. It is likely there is a failure in the master or slave. Then move to the clutch itself if the hydraulics are OK.


When the cars off it has no problem going in gear thanks for telling me where to start should help

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Look under the vehicle to see if any fluid is leaking into the ground

If not, the slave cylinder isn’t leaking.

Look under the dash where the clutch pedal rod passes thru the firewall, to see if any fluid is leaking is leaking down the firewall.

If not, the master cylinder isn’t leaking externally.

So, more than likely the clutch master cylinder is leaking internally, and not producing enough hydraulic pressure to operate the clutch.


Your clutch isn’t totally disengaging when you press the pedal. So the problem you got is the transmission gears are moving as you try to shift into gear. When the engine isn’t turning, neither is the transmission, that makes it easier to slip into gear. I’ve had to replace the clutch master cylinder on my similar vintage Corolla a few times over the years for this same problem.

Hi, so sorry for delayed response. Life circumstances. Probably can’t help you but maybe someone else.

I have a 95 Mazda 626. Bought new off the lot. Had about 265K on it around 2 years ago. Same problem.

Mechanic could not figure out if it was slave or master. He tried one, that did not fix, tried the other, still now fix. Then replaced clutch, still no fix. Finally, whatever he tried first (I can’t remember) he said was a faulty part out of the box. No idea if he was spinning a tale or not.

Bottom line, this issue can be repaired. My car was fixed, for the agreed upon price, but we split the cost on the clutch. Which I likely would have needed at some point anyway. Still driving it, 273K. Has been a great car. I am glad I had it fixed.